Thu. May 23rd, 2024
BISP Aghosh Program For Mothers and Children in Punjab 

The Government of Pakistan, in collaboration with the Punjab Social Protection Authority, has launched the BISP Aghosh Program. The program operates in 11 districts across Punjab: Bhakkar, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh, Rahim Yar Khan, Mianwali, Khushab, Leh, Rajanpur, and Lodhran. It prioritizes pregnant women and mothers of children under two years old, ensuring they receive proper healthcare access.

New Method Registration For All Pregnant Women

Pregnant women and mothers of young children can register for the BISP Aghosh Program at any health centre in the designated districts. All they need is a valid National Identity Card. After registration and confirmation, participants can activate their accounts through biometric verification at any HBL Konnect branch.

  • Women who are expecting or nursing may enroll in the Aghosh program anytime.
  • To register, bring your valid electronic National Identity Card to the nearest DHQ, THQ or health clinic.
  • Register every document that is needed.

Benefits Of BISP Aghosh Program 

The BISP Aghosh Program recognizes mothers’ critical role in fostering healthy families and communities. By providing financial assistance to expecting and lactating mothers, the program seeks. to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates.

The schedule is as follows:

  • First checkup: 1-3 months of pregnancy
  • Second checkup: 4-6 months of pregnancy
  • Third checkup: 8th month of pregnancy
  • Fourth checkup: 9th month of pregnancy

Financial Assistance for Pregnant Women

The program offers financial assistance to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. This includes:

  • Four installments of 1000 each are provided to cover the cost of four mandatory prenatal checkups scheduled throughout the pregnancy.
  • A one-time grant of 3000 is provided after a safe delivery.

How Are Eligible For BISP Aghosh Progam

Mothers of children aged 0-2 years receive support for their child’s regular medical checkups and immunizations. They get notified via SMS and receive 1000 per visit at HBL Konnect. 10000 is provided for the child’s health needs from birth to two years.  

  • Residency in one of the 11 target districts of Punjab.
  • Pregnancy or having a child under two years old.
  • Belonging to a low-income family.
  • Possess a valid NIC (pregnant women) or NIC and child’s birth certificate 
  • Additional support is available for women or children with disabilities.
New Method Registration For All Pregnant Women

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The BISP Aghosh Program goes beyond financial aid. The program ensures access to quality medication at health centres and promotes safe birthing practices. It also establishes a centralized beneficiary database and organizes community meetings through Union Councils. Lady health workers and program representatives guide village women in maintaining good health for themselves and their children. The BISP Aghosh Program is a commendable initiative designed to empower underprivileged mothers and ensure a healthier future for their children in Punjab.