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Resolving 938 Code Error in BISP Payment Withdrawal Latest Update

BISP 938 Withdrawal Error

The 938 Code Error is a technical issue that arises when attempting to withdraw funds from the BISP program using an ATM card or at a BISP payment center. This error is not related to the beneficiary’s account or eligibility status but is a system malfunction. If you encounter this problem, follow the steps outlined below to resolve it.

When you go to any nearby retailer to claim the assistance provided by the BISP program, you face problems with your finger verification. Due to this money is not released to you, this reason is for all those women who sit with their fingers crossed because of doing domestic work. They will told in a very easy way how they can get their money without finger verification.

Steps to Resolve the 938 Code Error

To address the 938 Code Error, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Nearest BISP Program Office: Locate the closest BISP program registration office and go there.
  • Report the Error: Inform the staff about the 938 error and explain that it is preventing you from receiving your BISP program payment.
  • Provide Necessary Documents: If required, submit any relevant documents to assist in resolving the issue.
  • Visit a BISP Payment Center or ATM: If the problem persists after visiting the BISP office, try visiting a BISP payment center or another ATM to attempt the withdrawal again.

Resolving BISP 938 Code Error Latest Update

According to recent updates, the 938 Code Error only affects the withdrawal process for the BISP program funds at ATMs. Registration through this code is not possible. For registration purposes, use the code 8171 instead.

Resolving BISP 938 Code Error Latest Update

Beneficiaries experiencing this error should address it promptly to avoid delays in receiving their BISP payments. Ensure all necessary steps are followed to resolve the issue efficiently.

For More Information: BISP Tracking 8171 Online Web Portal


If you are experiencing the 938 Code Error, follow the steps provided to resolve the issue and access your BISP program funds. This error occurs during fund withdrawal and can managed by reporting it to the BISP program office or attempting withdrawal at a BISP payment center. By addressing this error promptly, you can ensure timely receipt of your funds.