Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Government Of Pakistan Decision to Reinstate Benazir Card For Eligible Candidates

Benazir Income Support Program Card

After a long wait, the Government of Pakistan has decided to reinstate the Benazir Card. Now, under the Benazir Income Support Program, eligible individuals will no longer need to visit BISP offices or camps to receive their funds.

This article provides complete details on who will receive these cards after their restoration. It also includes the eligibility criteria and other necessary details. If you are interested in obtaining this card, sure to read this article thoroughly.

Benazir Card New Eligibility Criteria

The Government of Pakistan has set specific criteria for obtaining the Benazir Card under the Benazir Income Support Program. Only those who meet these criteria will be eligible for the card. Here are the details for your guidance. The eligibility criteria are straightforward. To get the card, you must declared eligible after completing the registration process under BISP. This means you must fulfill the conditions set by the Benazir Income Support Program.

Benefits of the Benazir Card

The BISP card offers numerous benefits. The most significant advantage is that you no longer need to visit BISP offices to receive your money. Once your assistance money is released by BISP, you can withdraw it from any bank’s ATM using this card. Another major benefit is the time saved, as you don’t need to wait for a specific time to get your money.

Moreover, women with children enrolled in the Benazir Taleemi Wazaif program can also use this card to withdraw their children’s educational stipends. This card streamlines the process and makes it more convenient for recipients.

How To Get New Benazir Income Support Program Card

Getting a BISP card is straightforward if you follow these steps. First, confirm that you have declared eligible by the Benazir Income Support Program after completing your registration. Once confirmed, visit your nearest BISP office and apply for the card. You will need your ID card and a registered mobile number. For further information, visit your nearest BISP office.

Benazir Cards For Eligible Candidates Latest Update

Please note that you cannot apply for the BISP card online. Be aware of this to avoid falling victim to fraud. Applications must submitted in person at a BISP office.

How To Get New Benazir Income Support Program Card

For More Information: BISP Tracking 8171 Online Web Portal & Registration


The decision by the Government of Pakistan to restore the Benazir Card is a positive step. It simplifies the process of receiving financial assistance under the Benazir Income Support Program and ensures that deserving individuals receive their full entitlements. This article provides all the necessary procedures, eligibility criteria, and other important details. If you want to obtain this card, use the information provided to proceed as soon as possible.