Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
BISP New Payment of 10500 By Tehsil Office Latest Update

The Benazir Income Support Program BISP tehsil Office is pleased to announce the initiation of a new registration process as part of the Government of Pakistan’s efforts to support the economically disadvantaged. Eligible individuals can now receive a new payment amounting to 10500. 

To benefit from this opportunity, you must register at the BISP Tehsil Office as soon as possible. Ensure that all the information you provide during the registration process is accurate. Once your details are submitted, a representative will review and verify your information. Upon successful verification, you will be issued a registration card.

Distribution Of 10500 By BISP Tehsil Office

The BISP Tehsil Office update indicates that the office is registering poor individuals to provide them with financial assistance. This initiative aims to support those in need by ensuring they receive timely aid. Therefore, it is crucial to register at your nearest Tehsil Office without delay. 

Early registration ensures you can receive assistance as soon as it is announced. The financial aid provided through this program can be delivered directly to your home. By registering early, you can ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and qualify for the assistance provided by the Tehsil Office.

BISP Tehsil Office New Payment Eligibility Criteria:

To register at the BISP Tehsil Office, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • No member of your household should have a monthly income exceeding 50000.
  • No family member should have any business abroad.
  • No one in the household should have a bank account.
  • The land owned by the family should not exceed two acres.
  • No one should own a large vehicle.

10500 New Registration Through Tehsil Office

For those unable to register in person at the Tehsil Office, it is important to note that the Government of Pakistan has not provided an option for online registration for the Ehsaas Program and the BISP Program. To register, you must visit the designated registration center. At the center, you must provide all the necessary biodata and information. 

10500 New Registration Through BISP Tehsil Office

Once you submit all your details, the registration center will verify your information. You will be deemed eligible for the program and its assistance if you meet the eligibility criteria. This in-person registration process ensures that all applicants are properly verified and that the assistance reaches the right individuals.

For More Information: BISP Kafaalat Document Verification Process


If you are struggling financially and have not yet registered for these programs, it is crucial to do so promptly. The registration procedures have been outlined, and it is important to fulfill the eligibility criteria to receive the assistance these programs provide.

Registering early and ensuring that all your information is accurate allows you to qualify for financial aid to improve your situation significantly. Do not miss this opportunity to receive support from the BISP Tehsil Office and the Ehsaas Program.