Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
BISP Kafaalat Document Verification Process By 8171 SMS Service For 10 June 2024 Payment

BISP Kafaalat SMS Service

The new registration and verification process for the BISP Kafaalat program has begun using the 8171 SMS service. To complete the BISP program process, visit the 8171 SMS service. 

The 8171 SMS service is straightforward and this article will explain the entire procedure in detail. Following these steps, you can check your registration status, the amount received, and your wife’s money.

8171 BISP Kafaalat New Registration Start

A simple method has been introduced to start your registration process through the SMS service. This allows you to get all the details of your qualifications from home using your mobile. Follow these steps to check your eligibility at home:

  • Take out your mobile phone.
  • Go to your mobile inbox and send your National Identity Card number in a message.
  • You will receive a confirmation reply after some time.
  • You will get 8171 SMS if you are eligible for registration.
  • Congratulations! You are eligible for registration.

Once you receive confirmation of your eligibility by 8171, visit the BISP office near you to complete your registration Producer. If you do not receive a confirmation reply, you are not eligible for registration, and there is no need to worry about visiting the program office.

Eligibility Criteria For Document Verification

To check eligibility Criteria for the BISP program, You can use the 8171 SMS service. In addition, follow the points given below. If you meet these criteria, you can complete your registration process at any BISP program office near you, avoiding registration problems forever. The details of eligible families for registration are as follows:

  • You must be Pakistani.
  • You must have an original ID card.
  • Your monthly income should be less than 30 thousand.
  • Your poverty score must be 32%.
  • No vehicle should be registered in your name.
  • No land should be registered in your name.
  • You have never traveled abroad.
  • You do not have any government employees in your family.

BISP Kafaalat Document Verification Start Latest Update

The registration process was introduced to help those who could not repeatedly visit the program office. They can now use the SMS service to complete their registration process in the BISP program. This article explains all the details related to the SMS service so that you can easily complete your registration process. The 8171 SMS service can also be effective for initiating the registration process through your mobile SMS service.

BISP Kafaalat Document Verification Start Latest Update

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The BISP Kafaalat program, launched by the Government of Pakistan, provides financial assistance to families facing economic difficulties due to rising inflation. Many families struggle to meet their essential needs, and their lives are becoming more challenging. The Government of Pakistan has offered financial assistance to poor families to address this issue. To benefit from this aid, you must complete your registration process through the BISP program.