Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Government of Punjab Launches E-Portal for Roshan Gharana Scheme Online Application Method

Residents of Punjab who want to apply for the Roshan Gharana Scheme provided by the Punjab Government can now do so through an online e-portal. This guide will explain the eligibility criteria and the documents needed for registration.

Punjab Online Application for Roshan Gharana Scheme

The Punjab Government has opened the online application process for the Roshan Gharana Scheme. Residents of Punjab can register if they meet the required criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

  • To apply, visit the Punjab Government’s e-portal and complete the online application process.
  • Alternatively, you can apply physically by visiting your nearest Bank of Punjab branch to get the application form. This form can be downloaded online, filled out, and submitted to the bank along with a challan form fee.

Check Eligibility Criteria By Following Steps

  • Applicants must be residents of Punjab with a Punjab-issued identity card.
  • Applicants must have a current electricity bill and consume between 100 and 300 units of electricity monthly.
  • The scheme is only for Punjabis. Residents from other provinces, like Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, are not eligible. However, a Punjabi resident living in another province can still apply.
  • Previous applicants who have already applied for this scheme are not eligible to apply again.

Required Documents for New Registration 2024

Before applying, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Your original Punjab-issued identity card.
  • A copy of your current electricity bill.
  • Proof of your residence and, if applicable, permission from the property owner.
Punjab Online Application for Roshan Gharana Scheme

Latest Updates on Eligibility for the Roshan Gharana Scheme

Some residents may be unsure of their eligibility. This scheme is specifically for Punjab residents. If you meet the criteria, including the electricity consumption requirement and having a Punjab-issued identity card, you can submit your application online or offline.

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Understanding the eligibility criteria and application process is crucial for participating in the Punjab Government’s Roshan Gharana Scheme. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to apply and what documents are needed. Following these guidelines, you can register for the Punjab Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme.