Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
E-Portal Application Process for Six-Panel Solar System Scheme by Punjab Government

 Six-Panel Solar System E-Portal

The Punjab Government has launched a new E-portal to facilitate online applications for the Six-Panel Solar System. Punjab residents can now apply for this solar system from the comfort of their homes. This article provides a detailed guide on the application process, eligibility criteria, and scheme benefits. Read on to learn how to apply quickly and efficiently.

Punjab Six-Panel Solar System 

The Punjab Government’s E-portal allows secure online applications for the Six Panel Solar System. Only residents of Punjab with a valid Punjab ID passport are eligible to apply. Additionally, applicants who consume up to 300 units of electricity per month can apply for this scheme. Submitting application forms is free and can done online or offline.

Punjab Solar Panel Scheme E-Portal Registration

The federal government will provide eligible applicants with a three-kilowatt solar energy system, which includes six panels, power sources, and inverters. This initiative aims to offer comprehensive support to those needing affordable energy solutions.

To apply for the Six Panel Solar System, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest Bank of Punjab branch to gather the solar panel scheme registration form.
  2. Fill in the required information.
  3. Attach the necessary documents.
  4. Submit the form to a bank representative.
  5. Pay the challan form at the bank.

The federal government will cover 75% of the cost, while eligible individuals are responsible for 25%. For convenience, the application process can be completed online.

New Criteria for Six-Panel Solar System

The project is exclusively for Punjab residents who hold a Punjab identification card. Even if the ID was obtained in Punjab but the applicant now resides elsewhere in India, they are still eligible to apply. Renters are also eligible to submit requests. Individuals who consume between 100 and 300 units of electricity per month are given priority in this scheme.

Essential Documents for the Punjab Solar Panels Scheme

Applicants need to have the following documents to apply:

  • Punjab ID card
  • Land records
  • Landlord approval (if applicable)
  • Previous electricity bill
  • Passport-size photo
  • Grandparents’ ID cards

These documents ensure the applicant’s eligibility and streamline the verification process.

New Criteria for Six-Panel Solar System

Benefits of the Solar Panel Scheme Latest Update

The government is offering three-kilowatt solar panel installations to qualified applicants, with the government covering 75% of the cost. The first phase will include 50000 candidates. The system, including battery inverters and other components, will delivered and installed at the customer’s residence. This scheme benefits individuals struggling with high electricity costs, allowing tenants to register easily. The initiative targets customers who use between 100 to 300 units of electricity per month.


The Punjab Government’s new plan to provide a six-panel solar system through an E-portal allows residents to apply from home. Eligible citizens can submit their provincial ID card and necessary documentation. The program targets individuals who consume 100 to 300 units of electricity per month, aiming to make solar energy more affordable.

Applications can submitted in person or online, offering convenience and significant financial support. The government covers 75% of the cost. Visit the official website for more details and to apply swiftly.