Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
BOP Punjab Solar Panel Scheme for 50000 Eligible Families

The new Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has introduced a Solar Panel Scheme to provide free solar panels to 50000 poor households in the province. Each selected household will receive a one-kilowatt solar system at no cost. This initiative targets homes with electricity consumption below 100 units per month.

Details of the Solar Panel Scheme

With the rising cost of electricity in Pakistan, many families struggle to pay their bills. To alleviate this burden, the government has announced that families with a monthly electricity requirement of up to 100 units will receive a one-kilowatt solar panel for free. This initiative aims to support 50,000 families in Punjab, significantly benefiting the poor by reducing their electricity costs.

How to Register for the Solar Scheme

Registration for the Chief Minister Punjab Solar Panel Scheme has been ongoing, but many families are still unaware of it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how eligible households can register and receive a one-kilowatt solar panel system at no cost:

Registration Form:

Complete the registration form with your necessary information.

  • Enter your name as per your ID card.
  • Provide your ID card number.
  • Indicate your residence status.
  • Specify your marital status.
  • List the number of electric appliances in your house
  • State the total number of members in your family.
  • Provide your mobile number.
  • Enter your complete address.


After filling in all the required details, click the submit button. Your application will be sent to the Government of Pakistan, and you will receive a confirmation message from an official government number.

Eligibility Criteria for the Punjab Solar System

To qualify for the solar panel scheme, households must meet the following criteria:

  • The household’s electricity usage should be less than 100 units per month.
  • The household should be unemployed.
  • The household’s monthly income should be less than 40,000.
  • None of the family members should be government employees.
  • Households enrolled in the Benazir program are also eligible.
How to Register for the Solar Scheme

For More Information: 50000 Solar Panel Check Online

Eligible families can receive a free one-kilowatt solar system from the Punjab government by meeting these criteria and submitting an application. This scheme is a significant step towards improving the lives of the poor by providing sustainable and cost-free electricity solutions.