Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
BISP Launches Mobile Registration Vans for Registration in Remote Areas

The BISP Program is making it easier for people in remote areas to register for their social welfare programs by Mobile Registration Vans. They’ve launched a new initiative called the BISP Mobile Registration Van. These mobile vans will go to up districts and ensure your registration process. The BISP Program Mobile Venus Registration team will help you complete your registration process by coming to your area. Complete your registration for the BISP program so that you don’t have to make unnecessary rounds at the BISP program offices.

Bringing Registration to Doorsteps

These mobile units will travel to far-off areas so deserving women can register without traveling long distances. BISP Secretary Amer Ali Ahmad says the program to add mobile vans started last August and is nearing completion.

25 Vans Serving Across Pakistan

A total of 25 vans will deployed as mobile registration centers. This will help those who couldn’t reach registration offices before. Almost half, 19 vans, will stationed in Balochistan, with five going to Sindh and one to Islamabad.

Mobile Registration Vans Starting in April 2024

The Mobile Registration Vans service has expected to begin in April 2024. This will make it easier for people in remote areas to sign up for the Benazir Income Support Program. BISP Vens has been launched for registration in 2024. All eligible and eligible families should complete their registration process now. 

Don’t waste your registration process at home. All disabled, widows, and persons who cannot get registration in the offices can Register in the BISP program through a Mobile Registration service. Complete the same above your registration at home. If any deserving and poor family is in your area, let them register themselves.

Mobile Registration Vans Starting in April 2024

Benefits of the Mobile Registration Vans

  • It makes registration easier for people in remote areas.
  • Brings registration directly to communities.
  • It helps more people get the support they need.
  • Allows for faster enrollment in social programs.

For More Information: New Method Registration Check CNIC

A Step Towards a More Inclusive Program

Ensuring that social welfare programs are accessible to all is a significant accomplishment to make possible by the BISP Mobile Registration Van initiative. This program will enable more people to receive the support they are entitled to by bringing registration to rural locations. From April onwards, the vans should be of great assistance.