Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
BISP Partners With Six Banks to Expand Its Payment System Latest Update 

BISP Partners With Six Banks

The introduction of competition in the new payment system is expected to save BISP 2 Billion Plus yearly. As a result, BISP beneficiaries will receive services from six banks and fifteen clusters. HBL Bank, Bank of Punjab, Mobilink Microfinance, Telenor Microfinance Bank, Habib Bank, and Al Falah Bank are now offering a more comprehensive partnership service. He went on to say, “With beneficiary awareness and a grievance redressal system created in collaboration with banks, we poised to overcome challenges and achieve a more responsive System.

How To Get New Installment Of BISP

Over 9 million eligible individuals in Pakistan are currently receiving financial support from this program. It is getting harder for low-income families to make ends meet as a result of growing inflation. However, the new instalment of 10500 is due to the rising cost of living. Then the caretaker administration raised it to 10500. in order for those in poverty to be lifted out of it Remember to visit the tehsil office to obtain the funds only then in order to provide them with the most possible financial support. 

The money is deposited into your account when an SMS is issued to the registered phone number you provided 8171. Don’t keep going to the office after you receive the message, the money will only given to you if you receive an SMS through 8171 or from any other number. Thus, you should disregard this message right now and wait for SMS 8171.

Eligibility Criteria Cheak CNIC By SMS Serves 

If you are not yet registering for the BSP program, you Want to get all your registration details. You want to know whether you are eligible for registration in the BISP program or not. Follow our given procedure and find out now that you are registered in the BISP program. the portal has introduced to check your eligibility criteria. With this help, you can get all the details of your registration and eligibility at home. Follow the steps below.

  • Take out your mobile now.
  • Enter a new message
  • Write your ID card number in the body of the message
  • Remember that there is no space left between the ID card numbers.
  • Make sure the number is correct
  • Send your ID card number to 8171
  • You will ascertain your eligibility.
  • You’ll get a message on your phone verifying your eligibility for the first 10500 in cash if you qualify.
Latest Update New Payment System 2024

Latest Update New Payment System 2024

Under the BSP program, more than Rs.64 billion has distributed to 6.1 lakh families so far. All families who registered in Ehsaas can get their money. The disbursement of funds in the program has suspended for Friday. The money distribution process will resume from tomorrow. You can visit any nearest BISP retailer and get the money after verifying your finger. BISP today signed an agreement with 6 banks to disburse funds to its 9.3 million eligible households. BISP has decided to partner with six banks to extend the payment system to deserving families.

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In order to pay stipends to 9.3 million beneficiaries under the Kifaalat Program. the Benazir Income Support Program increased the number of commercial banks from two to six. This marked the introduction of a new payment system. BISP Chairperson Dr Amjad Saqib emphasized in his speech the value of group accountability in improving the socioeconomic circumstances of society’s marginalized communities. 

Regardless of class standing, we must carry out our responsibilities as Pakistani citizens and human beings. We can positively impact our women’s lives by showing them our love and respect,” he stated. The speaker stated that the relationship between BISP and banks has strengthened the dedication of all stakeholders to the aim of providing transparent and dignified services to the most disadvantaged sections of society.