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How To Get BISP Card 10500 New Payment By ATM Latest Mothed

The new ATM withdrawal method of BISP Card 10500 has been introduced. The Government Of Pakistan initiative aims to provide financial assistance to low-income families. To streamline the process of receiving aid, BISP offers a dedicated card. This article explains how the Benazir Income Support Program Card works and its benefits for registered program participants.

Eligibility and Obtaining the Card

Registration in the Benazir Income Support Program is the first step towards acquiring a Benazir Income Support Program card.  Eligible individuals can visit their nearest BISP tehsil office to begin the process.  There, they will receive an application form, complete it, and submit it for review. Once approved, they will be notified by SMS to collect their card.

Benefits and Convenience

The BISP Card functions similarly to a debit card. With this card, you can conveniently withdraw your designated BISP stipend from any ATM across Pakistan. This eliminates the need to visit crowded BISP payment centres, saving you valuable time and effort. The Benazir Income Support Program card offers significant advantages to program beneficiaries.  Here are some key points:

  • Simplified Access to Funds: Cardholders can withdraw their BISP stipend at any ATM, eliminating the need to visit designated payment centres. This saves time and avoids long queues.
  • The Benazir Income Support Program card promotes transparency in financial aid distribution. Recipients receive the total amount allocated to them, eliminating concerns about deductions.
  • Cardholders can access their funds 24/7 through ATMs. This provides greater flexibility in managing their finances.

Using the BISP Card at ATMs

The process for using a BISP card at an ATM is similar to using any other bank card.  Here’s a general outline:

  • Insert the BISP card into the ATM.
  • Enter the PIN (personal identification number) associated with the card.
  • Select the “Withdrawal” option on the ATM screen.
  • Enter the desired withdrawal amount (within the available limit).
  • Verify the transaction details and confirm the withdrawal.
  • Collect the cash and your BISP card.
BISP Card 10500 New Payment Latest Update

BISP Card 10500 New Payment Latest Update

According to the latest update of the Benazir Income Support Program, the new amount of 10500 has started to transfer to the accounts. Latest procedure: now you can withdraw 10500 from any ATM near you. Recently, an agreement was signed with six banks to share the money. 10500 with the help of ATM detailed.

For More Information: BISP 8171 Web Portal New Registration


The Benazir Income Support Program Card is a significant improvement for program participants. It offers a convenient, time-saving, and transparent method to access financial assistance. By registering for the Benazir Income Support Program and obtaining the Card, eligible families can quickly receive their designated stipend.