Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Good News! BISP 12500 New Payment Increase Announced by Rubina Khalid

The Government of Pakistan has increased the amount provided by the Benazir Income Support Program. The new payment has raised from 10500 to Rs 12500. This article will explain why this amount was increased and who can receive it.

BISP New Installment Withdrawal Method

Rubina Khalid, the new BISP Chairperson, has made several changes to the program since taking office. The BISP has updated, making it easier to withdraw the new payment of 12500. Now, you can withdraw your money through Jazzcash or one of the six major banks partnered with BISP.

Users of the Benazir Income Support Program has pleased with the increase from 10500 to 12500. Poor and deserving people can now easily withdraw this amount using a reliable method.

BISP 10500 Payment Increase

There have been rumors that the BISP payment has not increased, but these are false. The increase has officially announced at the last conference. The new amount will distributed among 12500 poor and needy people. Eligible households can apply to receive this amount.

Verification of documents for those already registered under the Income Support Program is ongoing. If any documents are incomplete, recipients has requested to complete and submit them for verification at the BISP office to receive the increased amount of 12500.

12500 New Installment Distribution Date

The distribution date for the increased amount has also announced. The Government of Pakistan and BISP stated that the new payment will issued on the first of every month. Every three months, the poor and deserving will receive 10500. If you are eligible, register immediately to join the program before the release date to receive the new payment of 12500.

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Who Can Get 12500 New Payment

Who Can Get 12500 New Payment

Do you know who can get this increase? Here are the details:

  • You should not own a personal vehicle.
  • You should not own a personal business.
  • No member of your family should be abroad.
  • Your household income should be less than 4000 per month.
  • You should not own personal land.
  • Your children should study in government schools.
  • You must have a national identity card.

If you meet all these criteria, you will be eligible to receive the new BISP amount of 12500, which you can use to support your family.