Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Punjab Electric Bike Scheme New Distribution Date May 2024

Punjab Transport Minister Bilal Akbar Khan has convened a meeting for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme e underprivileged students in Pakistan. The distribution of bikes has set to commence shortly. Read on to find all the details.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme 2024

Minister Bilal Akbar Khan reviewed the progress of the project aimed at distributing 20,000 bikes. The meeting highlighted the remarkable response from students, with over 100,000 applications received, indicating great enthusiasm. The distribution process for the 20,000 bikes will begin soon.

Students who have applied for Electric Bike and met the registration criteria will soon receive their bikes. A notable number of female students have declared eligible. The lists of successful and unsuccessful applicants are available on the official portal of the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme, where students can check their status.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme New Distribution Date

Minister Bilal Akbar Khan expressed surprise at the surge in applications, prompting the need to expedite the distribution process. The distribution date has set for May 10, with deserving students expected to receive their bikes in May.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced this initiative on April 12 as part of the Chief Minister Youth Initiative, aiming to supply 2,000 motorcycles. To date, over 1 million applications have submitted.

Eligibility Criteria  for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme

The Punjab Electric Bike Scheme targets underprivileged and deserving students in Punjab. Applicants must have completed their registration and verification process, including submitting all necessary documents and paying the bank challan.

Eligible students include those with a valid identity card and those facing transportation issues in schools, colleges, or universities.

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Latest Announce 

Thanks to Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s initiative, students can acquire electric motorcycles or Electric Bike through easy monthly installments. Male students can make payments of Rs 1176, while female students can benefit from a monthly payment of Rs 7325.

The distribution of motorcycles will be based on the population density of each district in Lahore, ensuring equal access for students across the region.

Eligibility Criteria  for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme

Electric Bike Scheme New Distribution Latest Announcement

During the meeting, it has confirmed that the balloting for 20,000 bikes will take place on May 10. The distribution to registered students will begin thereafter. In urban areas, the quota has set at 50% for both male and female students. In rural areas, 70% of the quota has allocated to male students and 30% to female students.

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Transport Minister Bilal Akbar Khan has initiated the distribution process for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme 2024, responding to the increased demand from students. The distribution has set for May 20. Registered students should check their eligibility and prepare for the distribution of their bikes. For more updates, visit our official website.