Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
New Registration For Electric Bikes Scheme Underprivileged Students in Punjab

Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme

The registration for the electric bikes scheme initiated by Maryam Nawaz is exclusively available for underprivileged students in Punjab. If you are a student facing financial hardships and wish to continue your education, we provide a straightforward method to register for this program.

Web Portal Registration For Electric Bikes Scheme

To participate in this program, eligible students must have a poverty score of up to 32 percent. This scheme is strictly for the disadvantaged population of Punjab. Unfortunately, students from other regions are not eligible for this program.

How To Get a New Electric Bike

The process to obtain electric bikes is simple and well-defined. Interested students must visit the electric bike registration center and submit their bio-data, including all relevant poverty information. Eligibility criteria must met according to the registration requirements. For further assistance, students should visit Punjab Bank, meet with a representative, and complete their registration.

Eligibility Criteria for Students

This scheme targets students whose poverty score is below 15%. It aims to support those who are keen on studying but are hindered by their family’s financial situation. Maryam Nawaz’s initiative in Punjab aims to provide these students with electric bikes, facilitating a smoother educational journey. Students who meet the criteria should ensure their eligibility for the Electric Bike Scheme.

Poverty Score Requirements

Detailed information about the required poverty score is provided during the registration process. The following criteria must met to qualify for the scheme:

  • A minimum of 80% school attendance.
  • No family member should involved in overseas business.
  • The parents should not own any business.
  • Students from families of cobblers, cleaners, or similar professions are eligible.
  • Accurate bio-data must be provided during registration.
Web Portal Registration For Electric Bikes Scheme

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The electric bikes scheme launched by Maryam Nawaz is a significant step towards aiding underprivileged students in Punjab. The initiative includes the distribution of 20000 electric bikes to deserving students. Interested students must register at Punjab Bank to participate in the scheme. The electric bikes provided are eco-friendly and do not require petrol, making them an economical and sustainable mode of transportation for students.