Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
Punjab Roshan Ghar Scheme For Green Solar New Method Registration By Bank Of Punjab

Punjab Roshan Ghar Scheme 2024

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has introduced the Punjab Roshan Ghar Scheme for Punjab families, aiming to provide solar panels to the underprivileged in the region. This initiative allows these families to convert their homes to solar energy, covering their electricity costs without having to pay traditional electricity bills.

The program will support 50,000 families by offering solar panel loans through the Bank of Punjab. Each family can obtain three solar panels using their ID card. Additionally, the program provides solar panel loans with cash benefits, enabling families to access electricity without high bills. This initiative is expected to greatly benefit the poor and boost the local economy.

Step-By-Step Registration Process

Eligible individuals can easily register online for the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024, designed to be user-friendly. Follow these steps to complete the registration:

  • Visit the official Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024 website. The government agency in charge will provide the website’s URL.
  • Alternatively, you can apply at any Bank of Punjab branch.
  • Create an account and sign in to access the application.
  • Fill out all fields accurately, including details about your property, current electricity usage, and proposed solar panel installation.
  • If applying at a Bank of Punjab branch, complete the application form provided there.
  • Verify all information carefully.
  • Submit your application either online or at the branch.
  • The authorities will review your application after submission. Please be patient, as this may take some time.
  • You will be notified of your application’s progress upon acceptance.
  • Once approved, the next step will be to install the solar panel system on your property.

Eligibility Criteria of the Roshan Ghar Program

To be eligible for the Roshan Ghar Program, households must have a monthly electricity consumption of 300 units or less. This program offers significant benefits, especially for families struggling to pay their monthly electricity bills. By installing solar panels, eligible families can reduce their reliance on conventional electricity sources and ease the financial burden of energy costs. Monthly electricity consumption of 300 units or less.

Punjab Roshan Ghar Scheme For Green Solar New Method Registration By Bank Of Punjab


  • Reduced reliance on conventional electricity sources.
  • Alleviation of financial burdens associated with energy consumption.
  • Empowerment of economically disadvantaged families to lead more sustainable and stable lives.

Benefits of the Roshan Ghar Scheme Latest Update

The Roshan Ghar Scheme, led by Maryam Nawaz, aims to help poor and deserving individuals manage their electricity bills by converting their homes to solar energy. The scheme eliminates the need to pay bills to utility companies. A helpline number has been launched for those facing issues, offering assistance and solutions. The goal is to help individuals reduce their electricity bills and improve their quality of life.


Maryam Nawaz’s Roshan Ghar scheme is a significant step toward promoting renewable energy and support vulnerable communities in Punjab. By providing solar panels to 50,000 eligible families, the program empowers them to lead more sustainable and economically stable lives. This initiative sets a positive example for future energy projects and socio-economic development in the region. With a transparent participation process and clear benefits, the Roshan Ghar Program offers hope for a brighter, more sustainable future for many communities.