Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
Provision of Free Food to Government School Children at 27 Billion In Punjab

Free Food Provision

The Punjab government has announced an initiative to provide free food to children in government schools. This is a significant effort to support poor and deserving students. Under this project, free meals are provided daily in around 100 primary schools across Punjab.

Registration for the Free Food Program

The Prime Minister of Pakistan announced that schools must register to be included in the free meals program. Registered schools will provide free breakfast and milk to their students. The scheme includes both government and private schools, with a focus on primary and secondary schools in underprivileged areas.

Budget Allocation for Free Food Program

A budget of approximately 27 billion rupees has been allocated to provide free food in government schools in Punjab. Maryam Nawaz highlighted that this project will benefit children from poor and deserving families, ensuring that all students in government schools receive free meals.

Maryam Nawaz stated that the project’s scope will soon be expanded to cover all government schools in Punjab. She emphasized that Punjab has a significant population of poor families, with thousands of children suffering from malnutrition. This project aims to address malnutrition and improve educational outcomes by ensuring children receive adequate nutrition. Currently, about 100 schools in Punjab are part of this initiative.

Focus on Underprivileged Children

The scheme specifically targets children from poor and deserving families, ensuring they do not miss out on education due to lack of nutrition. By providing free food, the government aims to support better educational outcomes and overall well-being.

Provision of Free Books

The Pakistani government has also implemented measures to increase literacy by providing free books to all schools in the country. This initiative ensures that children from poor and needy families can access education without facing financial hardships. Thousands of children have benefited from receiving free books, which has significantly improved educational access and quality.

Broader Objectives of the Free Meals Initiative

The main objective of providing free meals to government school children is to address malnutrition and enhance educational outcomes. By offering free food to primary-level students, the project aims to improve their physical and mental development, ultimately increasing school attendance and reducing food insecurity.

According to survey records, 60 percent of Pakistan’s population consists of youth or children. About five and a half million children are registered in schools, while approximately three million are still out of school due to poverty. By providing free breakfast, the government aims to reduce the burden on poor families, increase school attendance, and promote better educational and physical development.

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The Pakistani government has also decided to provide scholarships to students to help meet their educational expenses. Scholarships are given quarterly, and free books are also provided in schools. The government is committed to ensuring that no child is deprived of education due to poverty, striving to keep all children in school and provide them with the necessary resources for a better future.