Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
Government Announces New Green Tractor Scheme In Punjab for Farmers

Punjab Green Tractor Scheme

Maryam Nawaz has introduced the Green Tractor Scheme to support Punjab’s farmers by providing them with affordable tractors. This initiative aims to boost crop production and simplify farming for needy people. Farmers can now acquire tractors at a reduced cost through this scheme.

Maryam Nawaz has unveiled the Green Tractor Scheme, targeting the distribution of 10000 tractors to underprivileged farmers. The scheme’s primary goal is to offer tractors at a low cost, with a 70% subsidy on small tractors and a 30% subsidy on large ones. Below is all the necessary information to complete the registration process and submit your application.

New Punjab Green Tractor Scheme Registration Start

To participate in the Green Tractors Scheme, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Punjab Green Tractors Scheme website and select the registration option.
  • Enter all required details in the form that appears.
  • Click on the register button to submit your application online.
  • Your application will be reviewed, and you will notified via message about your eligibility status.

Benefits of the Punjab Tractor Scheme

The Green Tractor Scheme aims to facilitate farming by providing tractors at lower costs. Small tractors will receive a 70% subsidy, while large tractors will get a 60% subsidy. This scheme is designed to make farming easier for those who have not yet been able to afford a tractor. Only farmers from Punjab with a Punjab-issued identity card can apply.

CM Punjab 10000 Tractors Scheme Latest Update

In the initial phase, 10000 tractors will distributed, including 1000 small tractors and 9000 large tractors. Small tractors come with a 70% subsidy, while large tractors have a 30% subsidy. This scheme has emphasized to benefit of the poor farmers of Punjab as soon as possible.

New Punjab Green Tractor Scheme Registration Start

For More Information: Easy Method Of Registration for the Green Tractor


The Punjab Government’s Green Tractor Scheme 2024 aims to provide affordable tractors to farmers, helping them improve their farming practices. With 1000 small tractors and 9900 large tractors available, Punjab residents can easily apply through the online portal. We have provided complete registration details for your convenience. For further assistance or information, you can visit the BISP office.