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How To Balance Check BISP 12500 New Payment Announced By Government Of Pakistan

BISP 12500 New Installment

Check BISP 12500 payment provided by the Government of Pakistan. There are three ways to receive this payment of 12500, and all the details are available on our website. The new BISP 8171 amount is 12500 rupees, which will be given to around 6 million poor families in Pakistan. To receive this amount, you must check your eligibility. This payment is for all poor people, widows, orphans, and disabled individuals who qualify for the quarterly BISP payment of Rs 10,500 across Pakistan. The steps to get this payment are explained below.

How To Apply For BISP 12500 Payment

To receive the BISP 12500 payment, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. The process for registration is as follows:

  1. Visit the BISP 8171 website.
  2. Open the registration form.
  3. Enter your national identity card number.
  4. Provide your mobile phone number.
  5. Enter your monthly electricity bill and monthly income details.
  6. Fill in the rest of the required information and press the registration button.
  7. Complete the registration process.

After a few days, you will receive an SMS notification about your eligibility. If eligible, you can visit the nearest BISP 8171 office to receive your payment.

Balance Check BISP 12500 Latest Method

There are three ways to check your BISP 12500 balance:

  • Visit the government-created BISP 8171 portal, enter your ID card number, and click the button. You will receive a message indicating whether the amount is in your account.
  • Send your ID card number via SMS to 8171. After a short wait, you will receive a message confirming if the money is available in your account.
  • Visit your nearest BISP office, complete the verification process with your ID card, and check your balance. Collect the money if it is available.

Eligibility Criteria

To receive the BISP quarterly payment of Rs 12500, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Pakistani citizen.
  • Belong to a poor family.
  • Have a household monthly income of less than 30,000 rupees.
  • Have a poverty rate of less than 40 percent.
  • Have never traveled abroad.
  • Have no involvement in criminal activities.
  • Own no more than five acres of agricultural land.
  • Have not participated in other financial aid programs.

Required Documents For Registration

To register, you will need:

  • A national identity card issued by Pakistan.
  • Details of your monthly household expenses.
  • Your monthly electricity bill details.
  • Your mobile phone number.
  • Any other required information.
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All the information needed to receive the BISP Rs 12500 quarterly payment is provided above. This payment, initiated by Pakistan, is available to all eligible families. The details about eligibility criteria, registration procedure, and necessary documents are available on our website to help you receive this amount easily.