Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Govt of Punjab CM Solar Panel Scheme Registration and Eligibility

Spearheaded by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif the “CM Solar Panel Scheme” initiative aims to distribute 50000 solar panel systems across Punjab. This program prioritizes the use of modern solar technology to ensure optimal efficiency.

The first phase focuses on 50000 low-consumption households, consuming less than 100 units of electricity per month. These homes will be selected through transparent balloting, with a budget allocation of 12.6 billion. Each participating household will receive a complete solar panel system, including modern panels, batteries, inverters, and all necessary accessories.

CM Solar Panel Scheme Registration Process

The registration process for CM Solar Panels has started. All those families who want to complete their registration process in the solar panel scheme. Follow the steps below and complete your registration process. The government of Punjab has introduced the solar panel scheme to address the electricity shortage. CM Solar Panels Registration Process:

  • This is the designated registration point for the scheme.
  • Bank staff will likely guide you through the application form and collect the necessary information.
  • You’ll need to pay the required 25% down payment to become eligible for the scheme and own the solar system upon installation.

Solar Panel Scheme Eligibility Criteria

One must meet the eligibility criteria to register in the CM Solar Panel Scheme. Many families who meet the eligibility criteria of the Solar Panel Scheme can register themselves. The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme prioritizes accessibility. The procedure for checking eligibility criteria in CM Solar Scheme Registration is as follows:

  • Land ownership is a Minimum of two acres of land.
  • Low electricity consumption Monthly usage below 100 units.
  • The program offers complete solar panel systems at no cost to qualifying households.
  • Each household receives a comprehensive solar panel system, including panels, inverter, and battery, capable of generating up to one kilowatt of electricity.
  • Households with electricity bills under 100 units are given preference, promoting energy conservation.
  • The government will identify eligible households through data from WAPDA. Each household can receive up to six solar panels.

Accessory Of Solar Panel Set

After registration in the CM Solar Panel Scheme, you will receive a complete solar panel system. All the accessories will also given free in the solar panel scheme. CM Solar Scheme is a solar distribution program offered to deserving families:

  • A 10A Dual Battery Charge Controller keeps your batteries healthy, perfect for small to medium solar systems.
  • Secure your solar panels with Aero Brackets, designed explicitly for the MHD 100w Solar Panel.
  • Upgrade your system with Lifos Go Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries. Consider the Lifos Go 12Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for a good starting point.
  • Ensure a safe and weatherproof connection with a 100m UV Stabilised Cable Pack (1mm size).
  • Explore Mains Inverters to convert solar power into AC electricity for powering appliances.
  • Keep your batteries organized and protected with a Battery Box.
New Registration CM Solar Panel Scheme Latest Update

New Registration CM Solar Panel Scheme Latest Update

According to the scheme’s latest update, the scheme’s registration started in 2024. The process of receiving applications in the scheme has also started. If you have not completed your registration, complete it when registering for Solar Panels. To complete your registration, visit any nearest Bank of Punjab. We have explained all the main registration procedures for solar panels

For More Information: Roshan Gharana Program


The “Chief Minister Roshan Gharana” program aims to provide Punjab with 50000 solar panel systems.  Modern solar technology will prioritize these systems, guaranteeing durability and efficiency.  A balloting process will used to select 50000 low-consumption households for the first phase, which has a budget of 12.6 billion. The money distribution process has been restarted after registration for those who have completed their registration process. If you also want to complete your registration process, then register by following the given procedure and become a part of the Roshan Gharana Scheme.