Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Distribution of 20000 Punjab Electric Bikes for Eligible Students Start

20000 Electric Bike Scheme

Eligible families can now apply for the 20000 Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme. Students who have completed their Matric and FSC education can register for the Punjab Bike Scheme and obtain a motorcycle. Additionally, students interested in remote areas can register for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, enabling them to get a bike through the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme.

New Electric Bikes Registration by Bank of Punjab

The Bank of Punjab manages the registration process for the Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme. To register, visit any nearest Bank of Punjab branch. You will receive a registration form, which you can download or photocopy from a nearby shop. Follow these steps to complete your registration:

  • Visit your nearest Bank of Punjab branch.
  • Obtain the registration form.
  • Fill in your complete information.
  • Submit a blank check.
  • Submit a copy of your National Identity Card.

How to Get the 20000 Punjab Electric Bike Scheme?

Registering for the Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme is simple. If your application has accepted, your name will be added to the lucky recipients who will receive new electric bikes under this scheme. Due to the high number of applicants in 2024, the distribution process has been carefully managed.

The distribution process for these electric bikes has several systems in place. All families who submitted applications will receive electric bikes under the scheme. Recipients will also receive a suitable stipend to help manage the cost. You will pay this stipend according to your financial capability.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Distribution Latest Update

A new procedure has introduced to distribute 20,000 electric bikes effectively. The many applicants have posed a challenge, but a drive will organized to disseminate the bikes. Eligible registrants will complete their registration and receive electric bikes. This scheme aims to help students who lack reliable transportation, thus addressing their educational challenges.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Distribution Latest Update

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The Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme is a significant initiative for students who have completed their Matriculation and FSC education but face transportation issues. You can obtain an electric bike in easy installments by completing your registration in the 20000 Electric Bike Scheme. 

To get the bike, you must deposit 10000 rupees in cash and pay the first installment. This program is designed to provide better transport facilities to students, enabling them to continue their education without transportation barriers.