Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Benazir Nashonuma Program 3500 New Installment Released For Mothers & Newborns Latest Update

Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment

For poor women living in Pakistan, especially pregnant or lactating mothers, the Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment has been released. These women can send their identity card number to 8171 to verify their money immediately.

Additionally, you can also check the amount by visiting the government hospital in your tehsil. More details on how to receive this amount, including the complete procedural explanation, are below. The procedure for ineligible women who want to register is also mentioned.

Benazir Nashonuma New Registration Method By THQ

Women who are ineligible and want to complete their registration process, and meet the eligibility criteria of the Benazir Nashonuma program, can easily complete this registration process:

  1. Visit the government hospital in your tehsil.
  2. Contact the Benazir Development Program help desk.
  3. Provide your ID card.
  4. Give complete information to the representative.
  5. Complete the registration process after entering all your information on the form.
  6. Your name will entered in the Benazir Nashonuma form, and you will be informed about your eligibility through a message.

If eligible, you will receive 3500 in your account every month, which you can collect from your nearest BSP Cash Center or HBL Bank ATM.

Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment Distribution

The Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment will given to women, especially those who are pregnant or lactating mothers, who have already registered in the Benazir Nashonuma Program and fully qualified for it. They can receive their new payment immediately. For this, they can visit their nearest BISP office and check the amount. Women who have not yet completed their registration can find the complete application procedure below.

Get Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment By Cash Center

Women who have money in their account and want to collect it can visit the BISP Cash Center or deposit their money at the place where they completed the registration process. You must bring your original ID card to verify your identity and receive the money immediately.

Check Eligibility Criteria Without CNIC

Ineligible women must check the eligibility criteria so that they can register immediately. The eligibility criteria for the Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment have given below:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Breastfeeding mothers.
  • Children and girls aged one month to three years.
  • Women affected by the slab can also register for the Benazir Development Program.
Get Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment By Cash Center

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Poor women in Pakistan, especially pregnant and lactating mothers, need financial support to take good care of their newborns. The government has started financial assistance through the Benazir Nashonuma 3500 New Installment to help these women.

Eligible women can complete their registration immediately and receive assistance. All the necessary information is provided above. For more information, you can visit our website 8171 Bisp Ehsaas.